Friday, May 29, 2009

Mumbai and a few things I am missing here

Hi , I am in mumbai right now and i guess i am doing ok . The work here is kinda cool and my guide is so awesome that i dont have to work much ( Somehow his enthusiasm is greater than mine by orders of magnitude).But i must say my work is interesting.Also Mumbai is so huge that the fun u get by going to places is negated by the amount of effort u need to make to reach that place.

For instance i need to take 3 these red busses and the local train to reach from iit to BPCL.

And now i am missing somethings desperately here .. i would rather like to post their pictures ( note these pictures do not include my family and home which i am missing like hell)

The Awesome UPMA

My Hometown

I hate to say this , but yes i am missing my college people and awesome internet

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rohitj said...

wait till you pass out, :(