Sunday, July 27, 2008


well i happened to find this amazing piece of software called digsby which gives pidgin a run for its money ... well its an awsome multi im chat client and it also supports facebook, my space and can be used for email alerts :| ... i am pretty amazed by this piece of software and also its UI is one of the best ones i have ever seen ...
simple clean and highly cutomisable , all in all digsby rocks ... plzzz give it a try ;)

also it has awsome forum and community :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

copyrights copyrights copyrights

well these days i met many intellectually sound people , and you know what i found common in all of them they want copyrights even for small silly things that actually don't mean that much when you observe things with common sense, yet people want to keep their knowledge with themselves .. they want to get the control over knowledge .. but little did they know that the more you control the more harm you are doing to yourselves and the society.why do they want to do copyrights over such silly thing as a simple animation or a web design that it selves looks crappy and i in no way would copy that .

well i dream of living in a world where people work for sharing things , people like to spread knowledge , people like to help others , people are happy seeing others happy rather than becoming jealous.... hope that day comes soon or iam already starting to feel suffocated to live in this freedom less world where people are greedy for money and fame.....

but i see some hope in FOSS/ FSF / Creative Commons ... most of my friends say " what do people earn by supporting FOSS/ CC/FSF , they cant make people earn money, they are doomed" .. the fact that they cant make people earn money may be true but dont forget they do more good than most poor-people's-blood sucking multinationals whose main aim is to earn money at any cost ...

i hope u agree with me
please comment
- zakir