Friday, May 29, 2009

Mumbai and a few things I am missing here

Hi , I am in mumbai right now and i guess i am doing ok . The work here is kinda cool and my guide is so awesome that i dont have to work much ( Somehow his enthusiasm is greater than mine by orders of magnitude).But i must say my work is interesting.Also Mumbai is so huge that the fun u get by going to places is negated by the amount of effort u need to make to reach that place.

For instance i need to take 3 these red busses and the local train to reach from iit to BPCL.

And now i am missing somethings desperately here .. i would rather like to post their pictures ( note these pictures do not include my family and home which i am missing like hell)

The Awesome UPMA

My Hometown

I hate to say this , but yes i am missing my college people and awesome internet

Saturday, May 16, 2009

India Elects its new Leader

714 million voters in india finally decided who will be the next prime minister.He will be none other than the awesome Dr.Manmohan Singh. So, the month long arduous process has finally yielded fruits :)