Friday, December 21, 2007

offtopic this time :) ..happy eid to all

happy eid to all of you again..well i'm writing this post after returning from my aunts home where we celebrated our festivals together with relatives.hmmm... today was quite good all our relatives got together had lunch and celebrated eid together.I got chance to even get some photographs for you.

kitten too tries biryani ....(our dish)

well this is biryani being made :)

close up look of wood stove

grandma arranging meat for drying

Monday, December 17, 2007

have you used firefox personas

ever thought that ur mozilla themes werent that colour ful why not try personas ...its from mozilla only and it looks great why not use this for your chrismas

yes those are screen shots of my firefox .....great eh why not try urself ....

aah i love open source

compaq sound problem in ubuntu solved sound problem with ubuntu solved after countless chats, forum posts it was finally a guy named erik who helped me out. here is description of my problem and solution:

the sound was completely absent in my gutsy even system sounds could not be heard.Sometimes weirdly the sound would re appear after a restart and again silence is back after a restart.i had intel hda ich7 family with conexant cx 20549 codec:


actually the problem came because the alsa should be configured manually because it could not handle the cx20549 codec so had to test various values for model in
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base

search for a line like

options snd-intel-hda model=somethin (for most somethin=3stack)

u have to replace that 3 stack with the proper key.for what word to replace,

find these options in the Alsa documentation that comes with the driver.

Look in the "alsa-kernel/Documentation/" folder a file called Alsa-Configuration.txt

in the document search for something like this

Model name Description
---------- -----------
3stack 3-jack in back and a headphone out
3stack-digout 3-jack in back, a HP out and a SPDIF out
5stack 5-jack in back, 2-jack in front
5stack-digout 5-jack in back, 2-jack in front, a SPDIF out
"laptop" was magic word for me .whats for you

ofcourse u need a RESTART

finally i would like to thank erik mitchell again for helping me out :)
by the way here is my screen shot with my ubuntu playing rythmbox after long period of silence

new year new challenges

well lets see what happens but i hope as a tifosi member that ferrari again wins it...but yeah there is going to be real competition this time as both renault and bmw look quite good of coure mlaren too. but i feel mclaren wont be that competitive as they are goin through a lot of inspections and investigation which will sure hinder thei developement. for all those f1 fans out there i have prepared a chart of next years drivers ....sorry if there are any mistakes....

the most important move i see is move of hekki kovalinen to mclaren i think he is a great driver (remember ROC in which schumi was defeated by a young kid named kovalinen) ..lets see what happens keep you fingers crossed

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The cutest(and useful) puppy i have ever seen ...

well most of u who will try linux might have thought about trying ubuntu or mandriva or pclinuxos ....... but i came across one day a really strong comepetitor which comes in a 90mb iso yes you heard it right NINETY mb of iso which contains whole os
welcome to world of puppy linux ....if u are a person who puts performance and hassle free experience before looks(but wait dont think puppy loks ugly watch out for screenshots )then puppy is just for you dont be fooled by its size it contains almost everything need and if its not suffice for you there are many programs ( they call them pet packages
puppy's official site :)

here is my complete review of this amazing OS:

when i downloaded this OS i thought it may be just a rescue tool meant only for emergency use
but now i know what barry ( pups developer) made was not a simple emergency tool but a complete OS...

well after putting the cd into drive and booting into it it asks for soem keyboard and video conf etc...Xorg worked for me unles urs is a prehistoric device theres no need of selecting Xvesa.

after then just run sound and network configration tools and voila ur system is ready to goo...
there are quite good programs . abiword,gxine,mtpaint it has it all it even has gaim(now pidgin)
and for browsing we have our good old mozilla seamonkey suite ....

i was blown off by puppy's speed and usability also puppy can be installed onto a pen drive to take along with u where ever u puppy's system requirements are amazing... 64 mb ram and even 400MHz processor would do if u have a old sytem which u are thinking of throwing away why not puppify it :).

also forgot to tell you puppy runs completely of ram ( the whole os :P 90 mb) ie it loads itself into it and runs form it so its sped is quite if u have a 200mb ram and no hard disk at all puppy can run on it also :) wierd isn't it .

its quite amazing what people have done with this puppy watch for those screen shots

Friday, December 14, 2007

my first contact with linux.....

well i happened to know nothing much about linux(still its the same) when my beloved friend mythreya installed ubuntu fiesty on it ...ooh and i loved it except for the fact that it didn't give sound ..yeah it went deaf i tried googling ,asking support on irc channel didnt help ..mine is intel hda ich7 card with conexant20549 codec ...if u can help just mail me at shkhzakir at gmail.:P

well except for that iloved my ubuntu was the easiest and goodlooking os i have ever seen .well a snap shot for you :D

well this is what i get when i start vlc or some thin in vista ....

it frustrates you when u are trying to watch a movie on ur laptop on VLC and ur beloved vista gives u this .....

why moving away from vista that shipped with my laptop...

well i can give u many reasons regarding they are
1.)vista sucks ( home basic sucks big time)
2.)why the hell does vista need 512mb of my ram to do NOTHING when i only have 1gb ram on my poor old lappy
3.)do you think its fair to differentiate among diff version of vista ..i mean its hard enough bearing vista and its still harder bearing vista home basic
4.)takes hours to start up and shutdown.
5.)basically i hate vista ..... i used to find xp manageable but icant live with vista any more( other than few times i have to stick with it like while playing lan games like aoe , CS ) :P