Sunday, March 15, 2009

Advani is a m0r0n!

Yes, you heard it right , he is a moron. wondering why I am so pissy about him ?
-> For irritating me with his absolutely horrible ads
->For trying to show that he is in tandem with the netizens , when actually he is a old fart who is happy to divide india on basis of religion.
->For even advertising on . ( for which i decided to not to visit sfg till elections finish)

and finally hope you loose in elections dear dreadful granpa..

edit: i now blocked that ad with AdBlockPlus after nareshov's suggestion :P


Do right and fear no man


King Flirt said...

pathatic and anoying Indian Muslims ..

its we who were Secular .. not ur all .. if u cant tolarate this go to bangladesh and pakistan where ur all belong too..
we are were never secular cursing us that is why we have BSP and other partys flurshing

zakir ahmed said...

dude awesome man .. thank you for your hatred .. and kindly next time when u reply please make sure you get your message properly written .. i cant understand the second half of your post :)

xXpinkpillsXx said...

wow u seem angry i never heard about this before what is he trying to do?

zakir ahmed said...

Well he is a politician standing for the post of PM in india and he calls himself to be a model PM when actually he is a old frick who likes to divide india on the basis of religion :| ...

Anonymous said...

he is psending moer than 20 lakhs a day on google adworsd.. instead he shoudl spend that money for the poor..