Monday, February 16, 2009

FOSSkriti .. Finally Web is a bit more FREE ..

The Open Source mini Conference at IITK ( aka as FOSSkriti) ended this sunday.We had to run around a lot to organize it and i wish FOSSkriti never ended.The people i met and the kind of work we did was awesome to say the least ...

On 12th night we had a workshop by Arun and Seth on open source web technologies during which they released bespin to public for the first time ever (\o/) and next day we had a talk on HTML5 by Arun again.

The 13th night we had the awesome Drupal guys ( Pratul and Gurpartap) conducting the Drupal Usability Sprint and it went pretty good and two girl even learnt to write a drupal module on the spot!

Our Inhouse guys ( Praneeth and Nareshov ) had a general webserver talk "Put it out the web way"and it went good.

Then Came the Sahana talk and hackfest by Ajay Kumar with Sahana's lead and author of Web2py available for us on the IRC to guide our people at the hackfest

Finally on the last day we had a Talk on Open web by Shwetank Dixit,Opera and a talk on Webkit by my favourite dev , Siraj Razick through Video Conference.

For me FOSSkriti09 was a awesome experience .. how was ur experience , please do comment

Team FOSSkriti

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