Sunday, November 30, 2008

heroes ... of the real life ..

hi people ,

i know nobody reads my blog .. yet i like to write .. hmm so after a long ordeal with end semester exams iam finally up with exams .. but the happyness was shortlived due to mum attacks .. i really feel all those police officers were real life heroes , they sacrificed their lives to save people :( .and why do those (terrorists) fcking bstards need to kill people , cant they just go and kill themselves ..

anyway .. iam going hometown tommorow .. yaay!


xXpinkpillsXx said...

thanx for visiting ^_^ i know it was a really terrible thing to happen in india, really sad i hope they catch the people who did it

SeeJay said...
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SeeJay said...

And you thought nobody reads your blog :P Anyways, sorry i deleted my previous comment. I was commenting on Mani's blog at the same time and accidentally posted a comment for one of his posts on your blog :P

Btw, I was shocked to hear what has happened in Mumbai. Being in SL, I know exactly how you guys feel :-| Terrorism sucks! no matter where it takes place :(

xXpinkpillsXx said...

u know i am sorry about that entry i know its unfair to generalise like that but i based that on the muslims i met in ireland so of course i know theres good and bad everywhere some catholics are bad and alot are very good the same with muslims so its unfair to judge by the minority who let the rest down. anyway enough about that how are u? i have just updated ^^