Sunday, November 2, 2008

MASSA is the champ no matter what !!

"I'm very proud and I'm leaving the track with my head completely up because I think we did everything we could."

for those of u who missed the finish of brazillian grandprix u missed a lot .. although the result came out as expected :( [ the driver i dislike won WDC (
LH) ] .. massa did a stunner .. vettel was absolutely awsome .. and glock sucked .. yes the reason massa lost was because of glock . with all due respect to glock . why the hell did he give that place to hamilton , it would have been again a miracle win for massa ....if not for glock i would have been jumping around like a guy who won a zillion dollars :( !.

here is the list of events ..
  • lewis on 4th massa 1st
  • rain starts with 5 laps to go
  • glock stays out and every body pits
  • glock 4th , hami 5th vettel 6th
  • vettel overtakes hami awsomely and hami down to 6th
  • massa set to win WDC with corner to go
  • glock screwes up inlast corner lewis comes 5th and wins the championship ...

but inside i still feel massa lost because of his badluck .. not because of his abilities .. So inside my heart massa will always be the champ for me

" the infamous hungary screw up that might have cost massa the title :(

All in all it was a great year ... but it would have been magnificient if only massa would have won :( ....

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