Monday, April 14, 2008

well .. my brother thinks the same

here is what my brother zubair has to say in his blog iam just pasting t he text here


This is Zubair and i belong to a country where u can be killed for residing in your neighbouring state. Infact you might b forced to leave a city if it is in an another province. You can be killed for Voicing your opinions. Money talks louder than everything here,

--and I would always be thankful to Shahnaz , Sabiha m,Sir Prakash( he deserves the title), Steve Jobs ,
Mubin, Chicken lol , a very FEW others who supported me .
We have
Wonderful News Broadcasting channels in INDIA , Ill List a few IMPORTANT Headlines in all the Newschannels

*-Kareena Kapoor looses 10 Kgs

*-Kareena's name onSaif's Arm

*-Dhoni Plays football in ranchi

*-Gautam Gambheer Changes his hair style

*-Sreeshanth dances on the ramp with priyanka chopra

*-Deepika Padukone plays a Triangular love story in real life too

*-Last but not the last least; An interview with Yuvi's Ex-Girl Friend

--This is the current scenario of the so called Indian Electronic media, Forgetting that a Television set is the biggest influence amongst the indian families of the current generation , Media displays such hopeless and poor stories in the HEADLINES?

where are we heading ????????????????????

The situation is just getting worse and if everyone out there is not doing his/her bit to change , SHAME ON YOU

stop pointing fingers at everyone and do something for the well being of society

PS:- his highness Gandhiji ,would be more than happy now, for being murdered long back, else he would have committed a suicide

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