Friday, April 4, 2008

india : unity in diversity or is it????

Well we all have read that India is a multicultural country with blah blah religions and blah blah cultures and they say there is unity in diversity in India and i too agree with most part of it .... but i think we are failing to see the whole picture , today i read in news paper that some Muslim family wasn't allow to buy a apartment because 15 other families ( of 16 flats) in the apartment were Sindhi and wouldn't allow Muslims .. what the hell is this are we living in india which is communally divided and no i dont say that being a muslim i faced this before because somehow i have been lucky enough to be living in some great cities where people dont divide themselves on communal basis.

Also i am very disappointed these days because most of my friends dislike Gandhi ( mk Gandhi) .. .when i say some thing about this great man , they say " hey dont you know about Gandhi he was a fraud he did all these things for fame" .. hell with you do you think he lived wearing a khadi cloth like a poor guy and walked all over india or fasted to almost death for fame .. shame on you and i dont know somehow people blame him for the partition. I am ashamed that they didnt even care to read our county's history properly , it was Gandhi who was trying to stop the communal riots when nehru , s.patel and others were happily signing the forms or partition like class A politicians.

and why all this speech about gandhi ??? because he was the man who first tried whoel heartedly to stop riots that were rampant those days and yes i knew he made some mistakes such as giving importance to jinnah while he wasnt teh right representative for the muslims in india , but hey he was a human.And people here hate Gandhi but they like the MOF modi who was happy burning many muslim's houses and killing people while he was supposed to stop riots... and no i dont say that all of india is communal ( i love my country and in no way i dislike it , just that iam sad that even these kinds of incidents are happening in the greatest democracy of the world )..

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?
mahatma gandhi

PS : all in good faith ... and no i havent joined any terrorist groups lately :P

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