Sunday, December 16, 2007

The cutest(and useful) puppy i have ever seen ...

well most of u who will try linux might have thought about trying ubuntu or mandriva or pclinuxos ....... but i came across one day a really strong comepetitor which comes in a 90mb iso yes you heard it right NINETY mb of iso which contains whole os
welcome to world of puppy linux ....if u are a person who puts performance and hassle free experience before looks(but wait dont think puppy loks ugly watch out for screenshots )then puppy is just for you dont be fooled by its size it contains almost everything need and if its not suffice for you there are many programs ( they call them pet packages
puppy's official site :)

here is my complete review of this amazing OS:

when i downloaded this OS i thought it may be just a rescue tool meant only for emergency use
but now i know what barry ( pups developer) made was not a simple emergency tool but a complete OS...

well after putting the cd into drive and booting into it it asks for soem keyboard and video conf etc...Xorg worked for me unles urs is a prehistoric device theres no need of selecting Xvesa.

after then just run sound and network configration tools and voila ur system is ready to goo...
there are quite good programs . abiword,gxine,mtpaint it has it all it even has gaim(now pidgin)
and for browsing we have our good old mozilla seamonkey suite ....

i was blown off by puppy's speed and usability also puppy can be installed onto a pen drive to take along with u where ever u puppy's system requirements are amazing... 64 mb ram and even 400MHz processor would do if u have a old sytem which u are thinking of throwing away why not puppify it :).

also forgot to tell you puppy runs completely of ram ( the whole os :P 90 mb) ie it loads itself into it and runs form it so its sped is quite if u have a 200mb ram and no hard disk at all puppy can run on it also :) wierd isn't it .

its quite amazing what people have done with this puppy watch for those screen shots


Arthur said...

I like your little review. At the moment I'm using and loving it.


chubby guy said...

thanks man need people like u to encourage me :P