Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Unique and Awsesome prime minister of India

Well He is my favourite Indian politician and as a person he is an ideal person to me.This few lines describe him (taken from thousands of well wishing posts for PM)

The PM is a rare person, an endangered species in this age.
1. When every 2-penny politician wants to promote his progeny, he has kept his family out of the limelight.
2. When every politician in the country is busy scoring political points, he has kept himself to his work ignoring all taunts.
3. Above all, when the prestige of every politician is measured by the number of court cases pending against him for thuggery and corruption, he is one person against whom even his bitterest rivals cannot point a finger.
4. He stands out for his simplicity and hardwork in stark contrast to the ugly profile of the average politician.

May God bless him with a successful treatment so that he returns to serve the nation with greater vigour and strength.


Anonymous said...

What you have said just shows that he is a good person. I agree with that as well. He is a good person, and a good economist as well. But as a prime minister, I don't like him. He remained a puppet for most of the time. He is an honest and intelligent person. We need such people. But if they can not control people under him, then he better be just an IAS, rather than PM.

zakir ahmed said...

well not exactly .. the fact is you are a puppet .. to the news channels you completely believe in .. and also common lets be realistic, In a parliametary democracy you cant expect to take decisions completely on your own and these news channels (fckers) show that as if he is a puppet.

Well who else would you want as PM advani ? ,, the Dhead who cant control his allies ( remember all moral-police typr paties were a part of NDA) when all the incidents happened during his time..i dont want to name them ..

Although i would personally like sonia as pm with manmohan as FM .. we have to be realistic

zakir ahmed said...

And for your info N-deal went thru completely because manmohan pushed it or else it would have been gone by now ..

Anonymous said...

Well, if you think Sonia should be president, I don't want to discuss this with you anymore.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister I mean