Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Exams taught me ......

So , here it is finally the day came , the day whn i become free , the day when my exams finish . I had in total 5 subjects ( thanx to Prof.Basu for deciding not to hold one or else i had to give 6 exams so .. I learned few things from these exams..

  • I am a loser
  • Iam a loser
  • Iam a big loser!
  • No matter how much i study or try to study i have a semi-unique(saiteja is also one) ability to screw up
  • Iam the dumbest person to be born on this earth after george bush...
  • eric cartman (southpark) can do better math than me
  • i have a good habit of sleeping 12 hrs a day with my eyes open when iam preparing for exams ..

ok thats it guys enugh of exams!! ... now i want to write about SOUTHPARK yeah ,,, recently i have become addicted to this and iam planning a mamotth task to watch entire 11-12 seasons of it .

And my favourite character is kenny :D

I love the way he dies all the time in every episode and returns back without any explanation :P

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