Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yet another sucide at IIT Kanpur

what can i write ... well just knew about the suicide about 4 hours ago ... imagine she committed suicide 12 hrs before convocation :(( ... the reason was she couldn't pass out this time .. with due respect to her iam not going to comment about why she committed suicide or about the academic pressure and so on . But i would like to say that imagine how alone she would have felt .. or why would she commit suicide , so i feel this is a failure of student community also , were we so self centered that we couldnt notice somebody in distress .. i feel sad but what can i do nothin i write here will effect any body or will change anything but it will just get erased along with time.

May God take care of her in after life , hope i wont see any more of this during rest of my time at IITk.

PS: for all those curious ones NEWS LINK

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