Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FOSSkriti - promoting Open Source

Well for the past 1 1/2 years at iitk i never had such great time as this i had this time in FOSSkriti .. IT supposed to be a minor part of techkriti but infact it turned out to be a major event.
FOSSkriti was basically to promote free and open source software( and hence the capitals for FOSS ;)) .It was fun to work for a cause u support and also when we had great people like arun , rohitj , chintal , nareshov , lord , nirbheek , praneeth , suryajith , mani shankar around me .
as far as events we had Linux kernel work shop and clutter lecture which were great success and also RoR workshop by saurabh nanda also rocked.We also managed to distribute 200 cds of various distros.....


the happy gnome guy( me :P ) and arun raghavan

fosskriti team minus nirbheek

Fosskriti team and our stall

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